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Your data

It's important that language students feel comfortable sharing and contributing in an environment where everyone can support each other's goals. Due to this, Comprehension Club prioritizes being open and transparent about what data is collected, how it is used, and what third party tools are used to process it.

What data is collected? How is it used?

Your email address

Other members do not have access to your email address.

  • To sign into the website
  • To email notifications
  • To send password reset emails

Your password

  • To sign into the website
  • To verify your identity when editing personal settings

Your first name

Example: Robby

  • As part of the label for your recorded clips
  • To greet you in emails and site messaging
    (example: "Welcome back, John!")

Your country of origin

Example: United States 🇺🇸

  • As part of the label for your recorded clips

Your native language

Example: English

  • To determine which students should be able to hear your clips

Your target language

Example: Spanish

  • To determine which clips you should be shown

Your voice recordings

  • To display to other students as an example of your language of origin
  • To create text transcripts and translations
  • To select interesting vocabulary terms
Third party services How are they used?

OpenAI Whisper

More information

  • Transcription of recorded clips
  • Translation of recorded clips

OpenAI ChatGPT

More information

  • Translation of recorded clips
  • Selection of vocabulary terms